Friday, December 1, 2023
PoetryMysterious Genome - M T Baby, Kerala

Mysterious Genome – M T Baby, Kerala


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Human race by inception was
An amoral and pre-social creature
Tribal living was a forced condition
To mitigate the hostile nature

Food was scarce commodity then
Source for it was only hunting
Man the mightier sex ate all
Leaving feminine and even kids

Invented they the agriculture
Harvested and stored food grains
Thoughts of god, law, art
Were the products of their leisure

Categorization of man marked here
Survival of the fittest as well
Women and children the common asset
Segregated as mine and thine

Origin of family disintegrated man
Who henceforth lived for his girl
Together they fed their issues
At the cost of their starving neighbour

Caring for one’s wards is Ethical
Everyone vies to excel in it
One’s saving for posterity is jewels
Someone else’s is a country

*Human Genome Project Report says
All men have a common parentage
It deflates my caste and class balloons
that they two were genetically African

Go to hell this rubbish finding
I’m in the race for existence
How’ll a beggar become my kin?
I’ll accept him were he a Billgates

* The Human Genome Project was a landmark genome project that is already having a major impact on research across the life sciences, with potential for spurring numerous medical and commercial developments

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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