Near The Heaven And Hell – Sanjit Sarkar, Darjeeling


heaven-or-hellIn torn half- pants the burnt bread,

Hunger haunts hunger.

Sinking twinkling in ocular hollow,

Death peeps through veiled skeletons,

Uncaring wind weaves the sad epic,

Bishu Munda of Budhiram Basti knits  dreams  in dream,

Clays play with him, the earth listens to,

His string- drawn leaf- car carries mythical goods,

In full furrow of fairy land he is the ferryman,

His dream-soaked paper boat reaches the Utopia,

Dreams sleep in his castle of sand,

Birds lullaby him under tired shadow in idle noon,

Flies buzz in festive mood around his gummy nose,

But tabors get rusted like pestilence-tealeaves.

Dreams under dreams,

Words under words,

Glimmers of Angelic pass on hell-like smile

Cries glide down the sky

Eternal silence engulfs pastoral intoxication.



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