When neighbours pay an unexpected visit – Akshaya Pawaskar, Goa


They were lying there
Coiled and languid
Like curios misplaced,
like ghosts of
the flooded past in
God’s own country,
usurped by
thedyscrasia of his own
We fled our homes which
overnight were isles
and returned back not as
owners but as tenants
of these god heads.
The vipers, the kraits and
the cobras, neighborly
out of our muddied closets,
redundant washing machines,
our drawers,
the pile of clothes waiting
to be washed, now soaked
by the hungry water.
While arriving at the doorstep
they did not ask
which religion.
While touching us with their
venomous fangs, they did not
bother to find out,
which caste.
For when the blood
was trickling it was
only one color.


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