Night at Balasore – Kousik Adhikari


The night at her fashion-less wedding

On the nude streets of  Balasore,

Beggars hunting sleep

After day’s wrecks,

Trees luckless at their

Mid-widow life, yearns

For a rainy day’s dance-

Men with their salted tragedy

Glancing women,

Women meaning grammar

At their heyday, wearing roses,

God forbids sleep.

Only the dark perching

On the top of tree

Washing hands till

The tinge of blood out

Or washed,

Shrill cry of street girl

Heard, hunger strikes

Empty breasts, abdomen at once

With both his hands of thorns

Till the night grows green,

Till Dark’s washing finishes

We can speak about

Avenues, roses or

Empty smiles’ nude parade.


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