No desire to be alone – Aafrren Chaudhry, Delhi


I hide my face,
I hide my heart
I tried to cover it all.
I pulled a sheet,
Above everything I felt could see,
Didn’t spare the windows, cushions or the wall.
I tied a black cloth on their hearts,
The people I knew were all left behind, with rotten words of mine.
I was satisfied,
Indeed, I was,
To be alone,
To breath alone.
To feel my isolation,
To see the disorientation.
Sadness felt normal, until.
A smile crept on my face and a tear on my cheek,
And there I was fallen all down,
Down into mother earth’s arm.
I realized, I could have no world,
No world without my heart,
I took those sheets and burnt those rotten words.
I brightened my words and promised to be a lover,
Lover to my heart,
A lover to my people.
How satisfied I was when I got back.
Happiness and freedom is all I said.
I left behind my dirty thoughts, to live free again,
To see the love again.


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