No! Your birth was not your fatal accident – Monoranjan Thakur, Shillong


RohitVemulaYou loved Science, Stars, and Nature

And off course

You loved human

despite they have divorced nature.


Your mother has woven a cloth as a tailor

with future dreams for you Rohith

as you were not a traitor!


you did not realize when you took this decision

Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hain

On that fateful Sunday evening who will

organise a protest demonstration?


People with  powerful thought

Against any discrimination

Liable to be ostrasized in our present world!

You were denied access as you were bright and sparkful!


Never mind brother!

No letters will pass through bureaucrats and ministers

Telling the mighty powers of an young soldier!


Classrooms will be empty of thinkers in this world,

Libraries will be place of gossip for future policy makers and dons!

Conferences will be places for flowing wines

and workshops will teach a work culture of intolerance!


Poor but outspoken students will be converted to silent mute spectators

Mighty will cut two square meals and stipends to scholar like you

Boneless future generation will see and enjoy  real life silver screen

Mourning mothers and sisters sufferings near a son and a brother when they scream!


Mighty will kill them too

to clean this country from sparked protests across

Brahmaputra and Narmada and Kavery and Himalayas!


No! Your birth was not your fatal accident

You have travelled to the stars to know about the other worlds.

Now you are happy dead than being alive than staying in my hut!


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