Oh Grandson! I Forgive You – J.T Jayasingh


I am ninety one now,

A rare member of a

Generation past,

On the verge of a welcome extinction,

Perhaps your father

Might have forgotten or

At least couldn’t find time

To tell about me.

Those were times

I, in my dhoti walked miles

Bare foot in the raw nature

To earn knowledge, hunt love

And fight for freedom,

Hot matters were chewed

And debated in village corners,

Groups and societies were formed

At every town circle,

We had a purpose to comb,

A reason to dress

And meaning to live

Your Dad even couldn’t understand me

Oh grandson I forgive you!


  1. The poem is realistic. Thank God we do not have the real sacrificers to see what is happening in the country . The relm of politice is worse than a gutter. Power mogerers lurking everywhere. Will there be one more Mahatma every hundred years to save the country? Lets wait with hope.


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