Paper rolling – Utsav Kaushik, Delhi


I feel perplexed, bewildered, flabbergasted, ironically,

When the quotidian Express[1] is delivered without Prime[2];

No concerns regarding getting things done on time.

Well, what time is it?

Eight o’clock already, look what the Chef did,

He’s sliced onions before now, though we’re yet away

And I have no intention of eating without the paper

Carrying all the spices that my mind needs to digest the whole day

As well as those essential calories that happen to burn while reading “2+2” [3].

In the meantime, Mattis and Pompeo[4] would add virgin oil to my salad.

O phew! The Smell, unsavoury, obnoxious, disgusting like crude oil.

O hell no! Not from a chary Sheikh living in the deserts, a Mussulman. No Sir!

Our Chef doesn’t like my doing business with such people. To tell you frankly,

I can’t even afford the Chef’s company. But the doctor says:

To remove the friction out of your living bear a smiling face

And do not refuse the Chef if he sprinkles a little strategy on to your plate.

We can’t muddle through this kinship you know! But we need to stay in the town.

And then there’s our community. What face do you think we could make

By refusing to dine in his restaurant; definitely a Chinese or Russian made.

So much for friendship, so much for onions. They bring tears to my eyes,

So does the “Masala[5] and this Indian rupee note rolling out of my pocket.

Somebody catch it! My notes are rolling away, fallen by mischance out of my pocket,

[1] Refers to the daily newspaper, The Indian Express.
[2] Refers to Amazon Prime which offers free and fast delivery of logistics solutions.
[3] ‘two plus two dialogue’ is an expression used to indicate that two appointed ministers from each country, the ministers of defence and external affairs in this case, will meet up to discuss the two countries’ strategic and security interests. 
[4] James Mattis; United States Secretary of Defence,   Mike Pompeo: United States Secretary of State
[5] Refers to Masala Bonds: Masala bonds are bonds issued outside India but denominated in Indian Rupees, rather than the local currency.


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