Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Rainbow Bridge – Vanita Thakkar


Vanita Thakkar

A cluster of grey, water-ladden

Clouds came drifting

Along with the somewhat strong wind,

Hid the Sun

And sent down showers

Of unexpected raindrops beneath

On the cold, gently flowing waters

Of the Manas River,

Which border

The Manas National Park –

A jungle of tall, wild grass

Stretching miles together –

And which separate

India and Bhutan.

We – a group of tourists,

On our way

To the opposite bank

Were nearly mid-way,

When my parents’ old wedding shawl

Had to be held raised

As a lame shelter

Against the unforeseen, wettening  showers.

The sudden downpour

Was not to  last long.

The showering clouds drifted away

And glowing sun-shine made way

Thro’ the washed, moist air

And lo !

There appeared

Bridging the two never-meeting shores

And the two alien People

A colourful rainbow !

A rare sight of beauty –

Viewed unblinkingly

From the boat below –

It lasted for a short while

And left indelible marks

Of cherished moments in our memories,

Which whenever recalled,

Give the everlasting Joy of Beauty,

And the divine message of Unity

That Nature is free from

Man-made notions of boundary.

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