Sunday, February 5, 2023



i have arrived at my altar. hark!

i rise, i flourish,

i pirouette on my one toe and float like a prayer.

this is my triumph; the issuance of mornings,

how they roll out to the percussion of a pulse.

to what does one ascribe these complexities?

for twenty years, all of life, cradled by a pair of parentheses,

crackled in the bones of some equation;

certitude quietly burrowed itself under folds of skin.

verily had i exhausted my set of sure events.

in the canopy of my youth, i counted holes and not enough sheep.

O arithmetic, you brute! i wrung you out my fingers that night.

thus came the spring in which i heaved like the ocean.

one thousand faculties hurled atop a giant wave;

when it broke, i broke so carelessly with it.

the heart, wont to crucify, fluttered dirges and ate the moon.

i shelled out a vein, a puff of life yet to be snuffed out;

i sobbed, i survived my torched Thornfield.

i prostrate; i am no longer rocked by the tremor of emotion.

here i design, here i dwell in stillness and embellish inwardly.

O Providence! you stir, you hum, you consume like a lone poem.

and so it is: in my palms rests a love that does not torment.

i shatter, i conquer with a syllable. this is my beginning.

Letitia Jiju
Letitia Jiju
Letitia Jiju hails from Kochi, Kerala and was based in Dubai for about 12 years. Her poems have been appeared in several literary magazines like Emirates Literature Festival, Delhi Slam Poetry etc. She is an engineer by profession and a CFA candidate


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