A Royal Death – Sujoy Bhattacharya, Mumbai


Who can avoid the inevitable ? I would invite him
with cordiality to give him sumptuous food to
feast on in an artistic way . I shall give him a cozy
throne to sit on ! A floral shower to give him a warm
welcome ! Whatever awkward he might appear to
look at , my mortal eyes would praise his beauty
delineating with the fancy of a poet ! Whatever pain
might I have felt , I would not allow my smiling face
to deform a bit! I would sing a song eulogizing his
countenance with the ebullient vivacity of throbbing
life ! My kith and kin , near and dear ones would
welcome him with a chorus psalm adoring him with
the garland moist with the dew of life’ s eternal
exuberance elegant ! My funeral procession
would spray elation with joyful ,non- lachrymal
moaning , mourning without sobbing and tears !
He will bow down his morose face in shame and tears


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