Seashells – Surbhi Sharma, New Delhi


All ideas, big and small
All wishes, made and lost
All chimeras ridden wild
With boundless vigour,
Of deep desirous smiles.

I discard them all together
On the sandy shores of uncertainty
Like seashells that lay forgotten
Disinherited by the busy sea

They peep and glisten
Among the many hoarse grains
Of frowns that disagreed and
Censure remarks that assailed

After twenty years or so,
When the same nods held me high,
I wade through shallow oceans
The dejected echoes of hollow skies.

I knelt and fumbled for
All I was left worth now,

I put seashells near my ears
To hear if it still knows me through.
Deep laughs of the old aged chimera,
His subdued growls and soft whines.
Echo the fear in me to lose…
That was always mine.


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