Seasons – Aena Thakur, Shimla


images (1)Like a warm blanket in winter
Protecting you from the winter winds
Hibernating away from the frostbite of life
Shovelling away the snow of failures
Building the igloo of new dreams
Sitting in the fireplace of hope and courage

Like a siesta of summers
When exhaustion of hard work takes a toll
When the scorching sun burns your desire
When the sweat of your perseverance takes you close
Closer to the soothing winds of satisfaction

Like a blossoming flower of spring
When the fruits of your labour blossom
Vernal equinox of your life begins
Buds of new achievements come to life
Butterflies fly away from the cocoon of inhibitions

Like the reddening of leaves in autumn
Experience of life leaves a mark on you
Tree of oak gives away its wise acorns
To attain the prudent equinox
To survive in the seasons of life…


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