The Other Side – Dolat Ram, Rajasthan


If death is the end of life
as many believe,
then which is the door
leading to the divine ?

If fire is a burning hell
on the beautiful earth,
then who is the cooking mother
ever waiting to feed us ?

If wine is Satan’s urine
filled in the longnecks,
then who is the healing gentleman
called Dr Destresser ?

If tear is the prophet of pain only
as written in the poetry tomes,
then what wets our eyes
upon hearing a sudden sweet news ?

If history is a damned ditch
filled with fossils and follies,
then where is the ground
our roots take food from ?

If war is the holocaust
we hate day and night,
then what is the ultimate source of
freedom and peace ?

If farewell is the saddest thing
we have to say at a door,
then what becomes the sweet joy
on arrival at another ?

If life is painted
with the only colour of sorrow,
then what is a rainbow meant for
in the glistening sky ?


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