Silk Route – R.K Das


You, the elusive Persian princess,

A marvellously pied butterfly

With unique patterns of deep colours

Imprinted on your fluttering wings,

Hopping on and hopping off

On the fragile flowers of the oasis.

Me, a passionate Indian merchant

With twinkle in my eyes,

Treading on the half-erased foot-prints

On the sands of Time

On my romantic adventure,

To meet you my love.

I have for you

Gifts of gold, pearl, diamond, rubies

And other precious Indian gem stones

Stacked on a camel-back.

I have silk and honey

And exclusive red roses kept hidden

In my poetic heart all for you.

I travel and travel relentlessly

On strange paths to meet you,

My princess of the oasis,

Where date-laden palm trees,

Chirping of the birds,

The colour and scent of desert vegetation

And the rhythm of the camel-bells

Ring a welcome tune

In a memorable bonanza.


  1. A hopeful romantic adventurer. Elusive is the angel. A symbol of life. Progression of mankind. Dry and Painful yet amusingly courting adventure. good one.


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