Wednesday, February 8, 2023



I use to wear it so simply
The radiant armor, my pretty smile
One can see me as warrior
While I wear it brilliantly

I sometimes may conquer hearts
Consent, console and pardon
And sometimes I dagger hearts
And deflagrate the mind too fast

It won’t hide my glowing face
Nor it veil over my wish
But it hides my lurid look
My weeping eyes and face at times

Yet I stick to show my will
Brave and bold and stronger still
Hence I wear the armor! SMILE!
That glows my eyes and fervent heart

 Sandhya S.N

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  1. smile is really a
    potico of a passive soul,

    Brave and bold and stronger still
    Hence I wear the armor! SMILE!
    That glows my eyes and fervent heart

  2. Oh your first work is in first person huh… Good work Sandhya ….BTW all these days I never thought you were hiding a “lurid look” 🙂

  3. Smile…… the greatest metaphor available only to humans, the others being in the writers / artists world, the eternal space. The poem magnifies the vision aptly..

  4. Lovely doesnt cost a penny but it conquers everyones heart and also brings life to some one who needs it most.


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