Sunday, February 5, 2023

Strange game – Utsav Kaushik, Delhi


He patted my cheeks hard.
My ears stood and walked far.
Realized…I couldn’t hear
But I’m not deaf either.

He bit on my lip.
They were tightly shut.
Fear gripped them such,
I couldn’t dare.

I ran here and there
Escaping his middle
But he pulled back my hair
Like the reins animals bear.

Whipped, kicked and abused.
Till he thought I was tamed,
Till he thought me fit enough
To bear his weight.

He peeled me
Like some onion.
It is funny
I brought him no tear.

Much more funny perhaps,
Was looking into the naked mirror:
Staring shamelessly at me
Without any clothes to bear.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Why am I not there in you at all?”
I felt myself almost a ghost
A nobody!

Then I fell laughing on the floor.
When I saw my father’s eyes empty.
So that’s what I really was. Thus I realized.
Suddenly he caught my ankle and pulled from behind.

I tried to run and hide,
But somehow he traced me
Smelling of Black Dog
And I thought the game was too boring.


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