Monday, December 4, 2023
PoetrySwing – Sudhanshu Bhandari, New Delhi

Swing – Sudhanshu Bhandari, New Delhi


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This rickety wood still sways for you and me;
Its frame as old as our brittle bones;
Both crackling under too much pressure;
having seen countless seasons of desire and derision.

Let us two sit again for just one last ride together;
Like we used to in the days of old when there was
The heat of passion which still burns but like
The dying embers of a charcoal fire.

I use my toes to heave the old horse;
First with a gentle touch,
and then with ever increasing force;
Till we move faster and higher
than we ever went before;
The sudden rush of blood,
your unsaid gesture to tune it down;
My cackling laughter at your timid smile.

The ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, the thrill and ecstasy;
One matures with age like vintage wine;
The motion thrills us but we are sober
and show not the cord which still binds us.

Who says that love dies with time;
It still rushes forth in subterranean torrents;
More mature, sober and sure than ever before.

Today’s Gen of Instant Love and friends;
Need to see that the making and breaking of relationships;
Is infinitely more complex than the mere clicking of a mouse.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


  1. A beautiful poem indeed. What could be more appropriate
    than a swing to bring before you a fleeting glimpse of the
    bygone era with all its richness and variety?


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