Tale of a riverside sea – Abhishek Ghoshal, Karnataka



At times I feel very alone.

In the quiet afternoon, throwing stone –

Standing by the gushing river,

Staring blankly at the forest, green forever –

On the other bank; acquiring cloud on its head,

While baking a marvellous sight of light and shade;

Of which, the latter has become fond of me,

Found the heart inside the best place to be;

Leaving the far-off bluish-grey wavy mountain –

Trying to peep through my soul’s curtain,

And thereby stir-up the calm sea;

To unfold the truth and set free –

The gushing river, within me,

So that all can throw stone,

Whenever one will feel alone.

I wish the forest yonder will remain green, forever;

And will continue to flow the gushing river.



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