Telescopes – Narain Rao

Image courtesy: liu yi on Unsplash

The petals of our youngness
Dance to dreams of present
In the telescope of our past

Unlisted and lost
Those memories strike back
As fire-drops sent by mysterious rain
Dispelling the cold-heart of winter
Or like the force of poetry
That de-tranquilizes my midnight sleep
Which was hosting
dreams infected with
your gurgling laughter.

You look at me in my bygone face
Blurring and waving about on
The surface of a gentle pond
When the wind was sleeping
What do you see now?
Serenely, the waves
Transmute to form your physiognomy
Too familiar, too real to believe
That you have a body
Sustaining life of Universe

Now, you look into
The telescope of our present
That which relays in taste
The dreams of winter nights
burning frozen pens.
What do you see?
You try to look at me
Where you find me distorted
Into the pulp of soul
Un-realized, not un-alive
For my smile sways about
Dancing on your pupils
to the music
Of your eyes in their askance.

Image courtesy: liu yi on Unsplash


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