Thanatopsis – Shamsud Zaman Ahmed, Mumbai


I sleep in silence longing for a dream,
Tonight I need to pacify my pains;
I wonder what the lonely moon does
When its twinkling gets blocked by the cloudy rains.

I wait in silence to kill the daylight,
Not sure with night what I would gain;
But I wait in silence for I don’t bring the grain,
Always in silence to break this mental chain.

I sing aloud the same song as I know not others,
Aloud to let the world know my existence;
Aloud and spread my arms for those nondescript eyeballs,
Aloud! Cause no one out there today hears my calls.

I run in excitement to meet my destiny,
This is what I longed for all these days;
The final countdown everyone will see,
I embrace this moment for better greenery.

I fly through the lights unknown unseen,
Heavenly twinkling I never have been;
I see equality of thoughts and moods,
Let me now define bad and the goods.

I sleep now not longing for a dream,
My cravings fulfilled to the brim;
The eye balls now turned on me,
My cogitation and hallucinations – I am free.


  1. Not to discourage the young poet, and given that one can express whatever on feels like expressing it is just a simple reminder that expressions do still have to affirm to the commonly accepted norms. It is difficult to go beyond
     ” what the lonely moon doesWhen its twinkling gets blocked …”
    Twinkling is expresión used for stars not for the moon- for moon does not twinkle. And then
    “But I wait in silence for I don’t bring the grain”…grain? or “Aloud and spread my arms for those nondescript eyeballs” or rhyming “moods” with “goods”

    I request that the young poets in the name of expression should not butcher the language completely. One can study and learn rather than impatiently publish a poor work. 



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