That Loved Flower – Sudama Chandra Panigrahi


Blossomed just now, to her content,
Aromatizing the atmosphere, with her fragrance.
Entices all and sundry, even the conceiver,
Whoever sees her, describes a perfect creation.
Smiles she effortlessly, that showers pearls,
For one smile, bees of all hues gather.

Come bees from every nook and corner,
Roam around her in search of nectar.
Come some with pearls of pen,
Cherish some dream to kiss her with no end,
Desire some to hug her never to release,
Pray some to pass their life sitting by the nymph.

Some only pass amusing judgments,
Recite some, famous Urdu couplets.
Shy some to even sip her fragrance,
Quarrel some to pluck, among themselves.

But everyone, dreams her presence,
To smile on one’s personal flower vase
And to sip the enticing fragrance,
In solitude and in the world’s absence.

But she herself knows well,
Whom she loves and for whom smells.
Other bark only like stray dogs,
At the back of elephant’s trots.

Trots fearlessly elephant, cocking its fans,
Only howling and poking nose, nothing happens.



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