That night – Bharat B. Trivedi


Bewitched I was–

when you

looked at me lovingly

and your enchanting eyes

glowed like earthen lamps

to cast a spell on me,

that night!

Passion of your proximity

set my body on blaze.

when sulking sun sank in dusk

and majestic moon burnt brightly

that night!

Cactus shrubs caressed me

with their thorny tentacles

and love showered petite

pink petals on my path

as I walked barefoot

on the desert sand

that night!

When you left me lonely

for the sake of your new love,

rainbows melted into black soot,

like warm wax.

Sobs from the shadowy skies

showered like acrid tears

when my eyes wept in woe,

that night!

I shall snooze in death’s lap

and wait till my soul sinks

deep in the maelstrom of your memories

when the slipping sands of time

come to a standstill

some night!


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