The condescension of war – Deepthi Nair, Kerala


The time was ripe
Yesterdays were gone
Only expectations
Of strange encounters
That promised true, real lives
Quintessential lives
That are rarities in the present
War has taken away
Beliefs of all nature
Innocence, faith and determination
And things many more…

Life’s just life
Has nothing to offer
Needs to go on somehow
And end the drama where it began
But that’s too pragmatic
A way of hope
Wish life were so easy!

“Suggested garnishing”the recipe said
The book’s good, it prepares an amateur
If only life had enough space for garnishing too…
Spices were missing, flavour’s lost
Not enough substitutes
Once done it’s done .

Sans flavour,without colour, lacking aroma…
Still it’s good; in it’s own way
For it can be bettered, not that it has ended
Now this assures better trials, more chances
Nothing has ceased. Life has only begun
‘Coz colour means a lot to a colourless existence
Brings hope, excitement and a whole array of promises
Well, it has only begun:
Let’s begin from the beginning…


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