Sunday, December 4, 2022

The fate – Shukr Usgaokar, Goa


You use and abuse me as much as you can
But I am not your private property
You defile my rivers with the waste you generate
But some day you will realize your folly
You never think twice before satisfying your greed
But if you make amends I always forgive
You converted my forests into wastelands
But I do nothing. I am not impulsive.
You exploit my resources to your heart’s content
But I allow you to do so, such is my nature
You destroy the delicate balance which exists
But I patiently hope that one day you’ll mature
You pollute my lungs with noxious fumes
But I silently suffer and tolerate
You carry on as always your senseless carnage
But you think that I’m powerless because I do not retaliate.

Then one day:
The Earth’s temperature is found to have risen
The glaciers at the North Pole are melting
The skies are dark and overcast
Throughout the year it is heavily raining
Houses and people are washed away
The banks of the rivers are flooded
The water is no longer fit for drinking
The aquifers below are contaminated
Crops and fields have been destroyed
For weeks there is no food to eat
Even when the rain stops there is no respite
Many more die from the sweltering heat

Blinded by his belief in his omnipotence
Man conquered the land, sky and ocean
Today a victim of his own misdoings
I tried to warn him, but did he listen?

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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