The Intoxicating Memories – Jayeeta Ghosh, West Bengal


It gulps me, swallows too,

Inside the hollow of carbon and rising fumes,

It leaves the hallowing memories in its dust;

The incision of my memories,

Reminiscing journey to the world of mourning pains,

The nights of sobs flicker on my pillow,

With the remains of its lust and lure.

The larking dark parked at the vent of my gasping breath,

With the drooling greed through the gullet,

It lingers around and surrounds everywhere,

On my chest, inside my breasts manifests,

My brain is cobbled and shoved,

Of its facts and stores,

It’s left numb and blank forever.

I don’t sense wink or a blink, I shrink.

I know not the time, the pace, and the reign

The minnow decked up attires of wit,

Humble to mumble and grumble on my deeds,

I fight with my memories.

I combat them, at every wink of my breath; I redeem solace.

The terrific torture of the torment,

Leaves me sordidly intoxicated…

With my lifeless life, staying a-live

Amidst the rainbow world,

It kills me, poisoning me sweetly like ever,

It holds my throat and floats me forever,

In the rivers of memory ruminating,

Sinks me deep, keeping me a-live,

Through my breathless numb and nameless life.

My heart does beat to keep me a-live.

It sucks my life to keep me a-live.


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