The Journey – Gulam Yazdani, Bihar


indexI travelled long to discover the end,

Ravelling knots of life’s mysteries.

Some vague aspects I must comprehend

by seeking life’s some untold stories.


Following as told, the sacred trails,

helped me find life’s hidden vales.

Treading over the places unknown,

led me to overt the secrets never shown.


Many times I got stumble, ran down my luck,

in the dark blackest alleys of woe and fear.

Many times at the bend of sin, I was tangled,

Many times odd periods deluged my world, quenched many times my thirst,

my own streams  of tear.


My needles were broken and my fingers

had fallen weary.

But, I kept weaving my morale’s tapestry.

Adversities couldn’t shatter my patience.

I thrived the dark nights, endured the tragic blizzards,

and reached one day the days of joy.


I know now, when look back and see,

Journey may have spent undulating, but made me resistant, durable and experienced.

May be a lot I have suffered, but much learned.

Although I have lost many, but much earned.


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