Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Life theatre – Dolat Prajapati, Rajasthan


Hiding the horror of hunting eyes
A wolf perfectly plays a poor lamb

Draping a holy robe around the upper back
A satan blissfully makes into a merciful saint

Courtesy: chemical charisma of cosmetic colours
the hideous suddenly gleam into the gorgeous

And the show goes on.

Donkeys and monkeys are
In the majestic role of omniscient highbrows
Doing oratory in their original tongues and tones
Standing atop the self-erected Intellectual Everest
Constantly cheered by the Crowd King below

Dogs are acting as versatile managers-in-chief
Managing things the same exclusive way
They known for
From the very beginning

Those who seem delivering on-stage justice
Are the real culprits
Grandly sitting in the MiLord’s chair

The one who appears as a comforting gentleman
Is none other than a messiah of murderers
With a bleeding history of billions of brutalities
Committed on cursed generations

The vice amazingly attire as the virtue
Cheerfully prophesying a coming soon utopia
Though it never comes
To oblige the ever waiting fools on the earth

Which place is this?
Where masks look more real than the realities behind
And ugliness is graced by the stagy craft of fancy presentation?


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