They Say – Vaishnavi Namdeo, Bareilly


They say, ‘Check on your dress’
They say, ‘Why showing that bra strap?’
They say, ‘Why you go after 9?’
They say, ‘How many more boyfriends?’
They say, ‘Why don’t you marry?’
They say, ‘You, working nifht shifts?’
They say, ‘Control your legs’
They say, ‘A girl playing football!?’
They say, ‘Mind your tongue’
They say, ‘Be slim, be fair, be pretty
Be soft, be a sufferer
Cuz you are a girl’
Dear society, your perspective is not all good
I can say
You can shut my mouth
You can rip off my heart
But my pen won’t stop!
It’s a diamond you can’t melt
It is hope to change the rusted iron glass
That you peek from
It won’t bow down
It’s my sword
And I would fight with it, every time
Like a warrior!


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