To Maa : with love – Rimni Chakravarty, Darjeeling


Christmas-gifts-for-MomThis is my first letter to you

Ma!  How are you in your new residence?

Where I find an unseen fence

Preventing me to make an entrance

Or rather I know not about its existence

All I know to be true

Is that you have crossed the bar?

Leaving behind me so far

That I seek for you in vein

Only perceive you understand ‘am in pain.



Life without you Ma, hope you understand

It is a walk in the deserts full of sand

Where blows the dust storm

No more I can feel your arm

That used to hold me tight

So I find comfort at night


Ma!  Do you still care?

As now I am left all alone in our home called earth

Where you gave me birth

I have none to share

So I decided to post a letter

Although I know not your address

Yet  can feel your grace

I feel the warmth of the smile in your face

At the time when life has become an unending war

Sooner you left me forever.


Now I fend my life all alone

I may bemoan

Or even frown, shout, scream or cry

My tears dry

But no more you come to wipe it from my face

I pass my days.


But Ma?  Now you have joined Baba in your new dwelling place

I am happy to believe you have kept the worries at bays

Baba and you are happy in each of your presence

I am all right Ma sitting on the fence

Visualizing our good old days

The sun shoots out its rays

And even sets

I wish you my best

Ma, I now end this letter with love

Far in the Gir forest the lioness may play with its cub?


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