Friday, August 12, 2022

Tribute to Indian Soldiers – Abha Goel, Delhi


I salute you
To describe how I am feeling right now,
I have words very few.
I watched maa tujhe salaam,
My first patriotic movie,
And now I realize during kargil, pok
How the situation would have been.
The famous words ”today bharat is decorated like a bride”
Portrays the picture of bleeding and dying soldiers,
Who fight with the spirit that the country is mine.
I heard soldiers, you daring hearts,
Accept a bullet on your chest,
I heard u people leave all
Family worries and luxuries.
And perform on our Indian border the best.
You people are far off from entertainment
And comfort and security we Indians live in.
You provide us the mental peace,
And live every moment of your life in a fear and unease.
For you your counterparts are your friends
And family,
You laugh and enjoy together.
For you, your hiding spots,
Weapons and guns and one news of your country is
Like a breath in your heart,
In each and every weather.
You are selfless not scared to die.
People have come and gone by,
Since ages,
But you always were and will be immortal,
Is what I guess.
Our freedom, our happiness we owe to you,
To you who have died, to you who are striving hard,
Your strength and love for the nation is so true.
Such is your determination and such is your vigor.
But yes you are scared of letting your mother land cry,
Scared of your flag going down,
But to protect it in no limits you are bound.
You let us sleep peacefully,
By being yourself in jeopardy,
But not a single enemy you let flee..
Salute to the mothers, to the children and wives,
Who live with the fact that their loved one is not there,
And the syringe of separation,
Every moment they bear.
Salute to them who wail and wait for your success,
Success of raising the head of bharat mata high,
Success of hitting hard on terrorists,
Success of your death to safeguard the nation,
Which surely can get in their lives a twist.
So much of blood and so much of revolt and so much of anti human activities
Can pierce anybody’s heart,
But for you,
Surviving in such an atmosphere
Is an incomparable art.
You live with the spirit to die for the soil that sheltered you,
For the soil that made you so strength full,
That even a bullet cannot harm your body.
Definitely you payback the love,
To our country we all due.
I salute, I respect and I adore such souls,
I feel privileged of having heard about you,
Above all.
I wish someday I do something great,
And contribute 1 percent in your 100 percent sacrifices,
And proudly say “I am the daughter of bharat mata”
I am waiting and promise you working ,
For that day and date.
Jai hind..

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.



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