Uneven stanzas

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

A lullaby is love in tunes expressed,
A sonnet, symmetry’s own song;
A ballad’s form with sympathy’s impressed,
A threnody with silence throngs.

“Aa raa ro, aa ri roo!” the parent sings,
As octaves with their sestets sync;
The tale of living is the trial of wings,
As caged birds of rainbows think.

A villanelle’s refrains are of the earth,
An elegy is of the heart(h);
Ev’n blank, a verse’s rhythm is of birth,
And nurs’ry rhymes have little art.

Around our soils the mightiest oceans curve,
Our loss is theirs; their loss is ours;
On polished roads, our lives career and swerve,
Like children tired at twilight’s hour.

A hymn is thoughts of God in verbal deeds,
A limerick’s the wit of chance;
An ode to aught belongs to honour’s creed,
A requiem memory’s fading dance.

In One one starts and in One does one end,
One’s laughter but an upstart’s noise;
To calls of thought, the worlds arise and bend,
And Love is mute, and every Voice.

Srinivas S is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai.


  1. I can see that the author had a lot of fun with words and forms. Play, the great hallmark of a great poem, makes itself evident to the reader. I had fun reading this. Thank you!


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