Sunday, February 5, 2023

I Wish – Vartika Seth


I wish I had choices!
To reject the good and challenge the bad,
To break up with my friends and make up with my foes,
To give up the sweet and taste the sour,
To abandon my kinsmen and embrace the downtrodden,
To hush myself being deaf and shout out loud,
To stop smiling and give a brow.

I wish I had a choice!
To be rejected for what I’m rather than getting accepted for what I am not!
I am tired of biased choices,
I feel bad about my friends turning into enemies,
I want to change my taste desperately,
I am lost in the fake world of my family,
Why should I smile, when I don’t want to?
Can’t I just be myself? Just what I have been?
And not what you want me to!

I do not see myself in the mirror anymore!
I feel possessed by people like you!
I wish I had a choice then!
To be ‘Me’ or be like you…


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