Wednesday, September 27, 2023
PoetryYouphoria - Sudhamshu Mitra, Karnataka

Youphoria – Sudhamshu Mitra, Karnataka


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They are such magical creatures.
Defining our lives
Redeeming our souls.
Words can cause a revolution
Or yet another annihilation.

Words are all I have now
To understand the enigma
Of love, hope and trust.
Words are all I have now
To make you hold on to me
For centuries to come.

I am infected
With a delirious state of Youphoria.
I cant stop thinking about you.
The picture of your eyes is fixed in my mind
Those eyes which changed everything
Those eyes with so much meaning
Those beautiful eyes
They’ve become angelic for eternity.

I relive
Every step that we took
And wish that I would be with you.

The warm clasp of your hand
And hope it would be eonian.
Every thought that we shared
Which made life worth living.
I realise
Little things you do
Outlines my happYness.
Shapes my future.
Makes me cry
Only out of joy.

Your smile
And the lanes we walked,
The secret plans we chalked.
Your hug
And the memories we created,
Love in me you minted.
Every single thing is fixated,
In my thoughts
In my dreams
In me.

In this state I LIVE life.
I evolve.
I find the real me.
The trinity of my existence has grown stronger
With you in it.
Life and you have become synonymous.
Walks with you are glorifying
Confessions are simpler.
Will of fire is burning brighter.
All I can say is I love you
And the youphoria I am in.

You the three lettered word
Is not just a word anymore.
It holds my life
Every breath I take
Every decision I make.
I dont need a shooting star
When I have you around me.
Because I have wishes no more
Than to be with you.
Because all I know is that I love you
All I think is about you.

Youphoria is my life saving drug
Youphoria is the state of bliss
Youphoria is life.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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