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At the Apartment’s Gate – Rupam Goswami

The night drinks its last breath of warmth. He whistles his best- some parodies he wishes to scribble, but the chill... It permits him not to jot down a few lines: his...

Duty – Dr. Abnish Singh, Uttar Pradesh

That day the sky was not clear. There was a combination of weak sunlight and clouds. It was also raining now and then. The...

Alter Ego – Nishana Sujith, Kerala

Staring at the broken image in the looking glass, I saw shards of it break and scatter. Some pierce deep into my hearts chambers,  And bleeds from...

Ruminations – Rajani Priya.S, Tamilnadu

Gifts of heaven fully laden Lord’s graces in our hearts Man’s oblivion makes them gone Forever gone Let all the boons be given To enliven The dead old good spirits...


The Forgotten Daughter of Port Adamaro

The story entails the political-historical period of the 1970s when the Dalit Panther movement was soon, to begin with, the influence of the Black Panther movement of the west. The following short story speaks of the relationship of two sisters under the premise of the revolution.


i have arrived at my altar. hark! i rise, i flourish, i pirouette on my one toe and float like a...

Stalking Prisons

The streets are empty with no one in sight, I check the big clock of the tower behind the basilic of Saint Francis of Assisi. It’s 2 o’clock on a mid-summer Tuesday afternoon. Everything’s shut. Everyone’s resting. My heart’s hitting the walls of its all so tight ribcage, as I need to cross the brightly lit square and go to the other side.

Must read

Reviewing ‘Obsession and Wild Pigeon’ by Ismat Chughtai

My interest in Ismat Chughtai developed when I first...