If ever


If ever my shadows leave me,

and I’ll know that tomorrow it will,

I will plant some mango trees for

the people, I’d leave my hefty will.

If ever the Abdiel presents before

my naked eyes and touch my hands,

I’ll hold his hands tight, and ask to

leave my body in my beloved’s hands.

If ever the Orion asks me in

the cold moonlight of the Indian plains

to come and join after I am passed

I’ll pull it with a rope to my low plains.

because I know death is the destiny,

we all share, it can’t be still, be only at all

for all the moments we lived and loved,

those were not to end on death, not at all.

Because till it is passed over and over

my love, to the last heir of the human race,

and then even when the last heir dies,

that race will not be the final race.

Because it is a revival, we live when

we live when we know death occurs once,

and revival it is when we also know that

not only death but even life occurs once.


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