Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Poetry Life has so many y’s? - Abha Goel, Delhi

 Life has so many y’s? – Abha Goel, Delhi


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Life has so many y’s??

I sat in front of her weighed down by the unjust, redundant ways of life,

It was unwanted, undesired but to control them was out of my scope,

And so did those big tears rolled down my eyes.

Surprisingly, she cried with me, understanding my fears and grief.

Unlike those hundreds who pass by mocking and laughing on those tears,

Without even asking for a brief.

Somehow I pulled my gears

And not wasting a moment more, poured out my heart.

Why in life do we live in bereft of “something” and “someone”, despite of the whole world as a kin?

Why in our moments of laughter and pleasure,

We have all sitting beside us but when we are overshadowed by gloom,

We feel insecure, hollow and aloof?

Why there are those special occasions we want to dedicate to somebody,

But when we turn around we encounter

Broken promises, fading words and a mere touch tell us “there never existed anybody”?

Why most of the time we are betrayed by the people

Whom we want to trust on and love the most?

And how at times a stranger holds our hand, lends a shoulder to cry and

Fill up the void and need of that missing “dost”?

I want to scream and yell and yet, politely ask

Is beauty defined by our looks?

Then why whole of the crowd has a word of praise

And soft corner for those fair complexioned and so called “smart” damsels?

Why do we have to make choices in life amongst our two most beloved possessions?

When one is our life and the other its driving force,

But one definitely we are forced to sacrifice.

Why at times sitting in well protected four walls, in the sooth of our blanket

We sense of premonitions and even in the warmth of our cocoon,

We feel the worst affected, unsafe and the victim of life’s unwanted calls?

Why do in this passage of life we meet people,

When they have to become the mere acquaintances?

And why do we get attached to them emotionally,

When they have to be given a back seat in the locks of memory lane?

Why our human brain- the claimed intelligent creation of almighty,

Is at times invaded by the volley of questions?

It has the key to their answers,

It understands the logic behind them but

Still it wants somebody else to answer and explain us.

Phew!! My innumerable answerless questions,

But I admire her patience,

Without if’s and buts’ she listened, drowned in my emotions.

Forget all, but I implore

Tell me what I should do when I want a passionate hug?

When I want to lose myself in those arms and compassion of someone?

With this there was a momentary silence,

I could sense my breathe,

Pouring out my feelings I felt, had ended my heart’s turbulence.

I stood up, without waiting for her to answer anymore,

Suddenly feeling relaxed and confident.

An hour of introspection, a round of questions and answers I realized,

Had given me the lost mental strength.

I saw in front, I saw her,

My mirror reflection.

She was still with me smiling, smirking as if saying

“Come and hug me.

Let the world discard you,

But you will always be my only favorite,

You will always be my only love and affection”.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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