Can a misbehaviour compensated by money? Minors stamped on their face with an entrance stamp in Bhopal Jail – Thasni Salim


Rakshabandan is one of the prominent ritual celebrated by Hindu community in India.  In every rakshabandan the brother promises his sister that he will protect her every second.  The gift of the brother is a token of love, care, and attachment. We Indians used to take the same pledge in every occasion that “all Indians are my brothers and sisters”. But this year the Indians witnessed one of the worst actions by the prison staff of Bhopal. Two minors; a boy and a girl were stamped by the prison staff on their face with an entrance stamp on the same rakshabandan day.  And for our surprise, this happened during the celebration of brotherhood.

The children went to jail with their mother to visit their father lodged in bhopal central jail. The officer in charge in the jail stamped on the face of the children by ‘mistake’!. The staff used to stamp on the palms of the visitors to distinguish them from others.  The Madhya Pradesh human rights commission took a suo motto cognizance against the jail officer.

The image went viral in social media and it invited the attention of authorities on the issue. The officer stamped not on the face of the children but on the face of Indian democracy. How huge the crowd is the visitors on the jail, how can a responsible person stamp on the face of children ‘by mistake’?  The incident is well enough to lower the confidence of the victim children and weaken them emotionally and mentally. They are given a compensation of ten thousand rupees. Can a misbehaviour compensated by money?


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