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Sadness- A missed Opportunity – Abhishek Srivastava, Gurgaon


More I live, the more I see that for many people, sadness is unavoidable. These people, often very bright and cheerful, seem unable to outrun, or out-hide this tragedy. It is often long lasting and bitterly painful taking away the life slowly and steadily. Much like dementor’s kiss – one portion of life at a moment. A poet living in the same misery said-

Days pass as though I am paying some lifelong debt. After watching the mirror, I felt assured as someone know me in this world. I hear the echo of voice ringing late, feels as though someone calling me again and again.”

Philosophers and thinkers try and understand happiness as there can be no greater end than happiness. However as I see sadness engulf more and more people’s lives, I want to try and understand just what sadness is.

While reading one of the articles, I found that a philosopher said that death is bad because it is missed opportunity for something that would be alive. That is, when someone dies it is missed opportunity for him to enjoy the life and therefore it is bad. I find ‘Sadness’ to be younger sister of ‘Death’. No just as popular as ‘Death’ due to its spontaneous and sudden nature but equally deadly. Sadness is responsible for slow killing. Fortunately, lots of people recover from it but some who don’t dies slow and painful death by going into depression and suicide. While we were linking the sadness with missed opportunity, consider the example of poverty or lost love. It is the loss of opportunity of having money or lives most wonderful & cheerful moment. That’s why one feels sad.

Unrequited love is only sad if, it had the potential to be requited. One doesn’t feel sad when someone’s favorite film star marry someone else.  One suffers from excruciating sadness when something divine in making breaks. Recall the end of Titanic, an opportunity so divine missed, to destiny. As one poet said for her lost love “The person who resides in my heart and eyes, looks just like you. Even though we were near, even though we had feelings, even though we wanted to be together- you are not mine.  These complain I have with the God.”  This is sadness indeed.

Optimists say sadness is momentary and it makes you realize the happiness. I believe sadness is like disease. It has low mortality rate. However those who couldn’t able to recover die a painful death. Therefore I say be caution of your own actions. It causes sadness to others.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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