Three flash tales – Alok Kumar Satpute, Raipur


Miyaan (Bro), why are you collecting the chanda(donation) for a Hindu festival? Don’t you know that worship of statues is strictly prohibited in Islam?
Bhaijaan (Dear brother)  We are in minority in this country so in this matter, I just want to say -Jan hai to jahan hai. (If there is a live, there is a world) 

(In a shop)
Son – Papa! I wanna Maggie noodles.
Papa – No beta (dear son), this is a junk food. You may become sick by eating this.
Son – Mummy please!
Mummy–No beta , papa is right. This is a harmful product for your health.
Son – But on the TV commercial, the company says it nutritious.
Papa – Beta, to sell their products companies always tell a lie.
Son – No, it’s impossible. I think both of you are telling lie to save your money.

Public interest
During a sting operation, a CD had been made by a popular news channel in which a big leader of the ruling party was shown taking bribery. The ruling party managed the channel and the channel announced that in the public interest, contents of the CD are not being broadcasted.
After a few months, when elections were about to be held, the channel was managed by the opposition and in the public interest, the CD was broadcasted. 


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