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A teacher and researcher by profession; physics, philosophy, ecology and literature have always interested me. An anthology of essays published by Kitab Mahal, titled "Nothing but All- an inquiry into the meaning and implications of modern science".
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An Encounter of a Special Kind – Befriending a town – Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Gujarath

The Mission Like humans, a city or town has its specific identity, its own ‘personality’. For a long time I have pondered over the idea...

Logic of Life and Mind – Chandra Mohan bhandari, Gujarat

“Give me a long rod and a place to stand, and I will lift the whole Earth”. Archimedes while making the statement merely expressed...

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You cry.You postA photographOn your Whatsapp StatusYou send offA...

A night to remember

Stay up all night with me for once, I...
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