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FictionThe Unnamed Bond - Prerna Pujari, Rajasthan

The Unnamed Bond – Prerna Pujari, Rajasthan


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images (2)Aditi was walking after her dinner as per her daily schedule. She loved to walk until late. Her husband was not in the city today due to some official reasons. The Shiva temple of her colony was in front of her. She was walking towards it and soon memories of the past engulfed her.

Th temple was the meeting place once for Aditi and Rajeev. They loved to spend time here and plan their lives together hand in hand for hours. Those were the days of her late teenage when she first understood love. Yes, she was in deep love with Rajeev and Rajeev too responded equally always. That day flashed in her memories when she was sitting on the steps of this temple with Rajeev and a fear of separation compelled her to ask him what will happen if they separate ever. She rembered every word of his reply, he said ” We will never separate Aditi. We will always reside in the heartbeats. I will always be there within you. I promise.”He continued ” relations are made in heaven Aditi. The rituals of marriage are just for mating bodies. Love knows no rituals. Souls does not need any certificate to bind…tomate..””and please always keep this in mind that if you get married to someone else and that person loves you, always respect his love. You have to move ahead with him in your life, taking me within you because I will never leave you. But never disrespect my love by making it a reason of disturbance in someone’s life. That is the only way you can keep my love alive in your heart forever.”

They were like soul mates but destiny was not in their favour. Four years of deep love ended with Rajeev’s marriage with Roshni, due to their different castes and non acceptance of their families. After two painful years, Aditi too surrendered and got married to Sushant.

Sushant was a decent guy and was chosen by Aditi’s family for her. Three years have passed till now and she is still learning to live without Rajeev, and more effort fully with Sushant. Sushant loves her and she is silently accepting his love. She tries to respond to his love daily but her heart has probably forgotten the ways to love someone. Her life is a mirror image of adjustments. Her broken heart was unable to love again. Her love hormones were almost like a vestigial body part that is although present in the body but is non functional.

Aditi today was living every word of Rajeev. Yes, he resides within her, in her heartbeats, in her soul. He is with her every second. He has kept his promise.

A loud voice of brakes of a bike snatched Aditi back from her memories and brought her back to the present. A man was lying on the road fully drenched in blood near the temple stairs. As Aditi was lost in her past she couldn’t witness the accident. She ran towards the man. His face was towards the ground, eyes closed, mouth open, hairs soiled and saliva running out with blood. She yelled for help and soon two three people came. All of them held the man and called the ambulance. A boy brought some water and washed the man’s face. Soil removed from his face fell on the ground and the blood was washed away. Aditi couldn’t move her eyeballs and was shocked when she saw the man’s face. He was Rajeev.

Ambulance reached soon and the hospital employees along with the people there, got Rajeev into the Ambulance. Aditi couldn’t stop herself and sat with him in the ambulance. Within fifteen minutes they were in the hospital. Rajeev was still unconscious. Blood was rushing out of his veins. Doctor took him in the emergency ward and started to work upon him. Aditi sat on the bench outside the ward. Soon a Nurse came and requested her to fill the hospital registration form. But before she could go through it doctor came out and informed her to call the relatives of the accident victim. She was said that the man could die. Aditi was silent, shocked and numb. On enquiring she came to know that Rajeev’s liver has burst out and there is a lot of internal injury due to which he has lost enormous blood.

She opened her phone diary but there were no contacts that could lead her to Rajeev’s family. She donated blood and requested the doctor to proceed towards his treatment. She signed all the responsibilities. Operation began. After around two painful restless hours Aditi received the news that Rajeev’s liver has been stitched and doctors are trying to control the blood loss.

It was five in the morning. Operation was over. Rajeev was shifted to the ICU. Aditi paid all the bills and departed from the hospital. She left a piece of paper near Rajeev’s pillow, took his face in her eyes forever and went away.

Aditi reached home at around 8 in the morning. She was feeling better. She was feeling light.  Even after a hectic night she was feeling relaxed. She had a huge burden somewhere within her and she was feeling if it was gone with the 4 units of blood or has flown out in the letter to Rajeev.

The door bell rang. It was Sushant. She opened the door and tears filled her eyes. She hugged him tightly. This was the first hug Sushant had received after marriage. Although shocked enoughhe didn’t ask anything.

Aditi had now understood the meaning of bond residing within the soul. She now knew that she has nowhere lost her love. Rajeev is bonded to her. Moreover, shehas now got the ways to move ahead with Sushant taking Rajeev inside her. She has developed a respect for the bond that Sushant had in his soul for her. She wanted to respond now. One night has aroused her vestigial hormones. She now knew how to keep her love alive respectfully, forever.

After around ten hours Rajeev got back his consciousness. He opened his eyes. Asked the nurse about whatever happened last night. He was informed that the girl who has not filled anything in the registration form regarding her personal identity and her relation with him has donated 4 units blood.

He knew he has got a new life.

Nobody knew anything about the girl who took Rajeev to the hospital. With lots of questions in mind and pain in the body he turned around to sleep. His eyeballs caught the piece of paper kept near his pillow. He opened the letter. It said;

“Someone one day told me that relations are made in heaven. The rituals of marriage are just for mating bodies. Love knows no rituals. Souls does not need any certificate to bind…tomate..

I believe that I will always remain bonded to you with an UNNAMED BOND. It is gifted to me by heaven. Nobody can snatch it away.

I am living you every moment and I know how to live with your loveforever.

May god bless you health and may god bless me strength.

Tears rolled over his face. Aditi’s blood was flowing within him. He loved it. Now he knew, his new life was Aditi’s gift. A gift of love. A gift of an unnamed bond.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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