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We won’t hit around the bush today – we need your help. Indian Ruminations, for over a decade, has been working to showcase new perspectives, ideas, opinions and styles in the domain of English Literature; we have published fiction/ non-fiction content by authors from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have also organized numerous international seminars on socially relevant issues to keep our audience updated and be a voice for everything humane. But today all we ask you is to help us thrive further and live longer to keep fresh ideas alive.

Since our inception, we were always definite of one thing – we won’t cloud the reading experience of our audience with website advertisements. Hence, Indian Ruminations always were solely dependent on the voluntary contributions of our team members. But right now, the time has come where we need support from you. As part of our donation campaign we seek from you a small monetary contribution and support our initiative.

Indian Ruminations – Relaunch

This January 2021, we plan to relaunch Indian Ruminations with more diverse and quality content emphasising on literature and journalism. Apart from literature, we plan to inculcate in-depth reporting, interviews, podcasts and video stories. We have always been sure to shield our ethics from adulteration of any form and will continue to do so in the years to come.

We expect a contribution starting from as low as ₹500 to ₹2000. As a token of our gratitude, we plan to provide our well-wishers with one-year Subscription of Indian Ruminations (starting from July 15-2021), Souvenirs and IR Merchandise.

As we step to launch Indian Ruminations again, your contribution helps us to keep serving you with quality content, like we have always done. Here’s to our ruminations!

Team, Indian Ruminations

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