As a soothing sign


As a soothing sign
rivers flow unpolluted
into our hearts,
we are locked,
where are our friends,
neighbours, relatives…
they went to the world of distancing,
the mask wearing figures
roam around,
quarantines, sanitize …
no guests at homes
no visitors in the offices,
now all quiet,
where are the boasting parties ?
where are the greedy eyes?
cities are null,
roads are drought,
schools are closed
hospitals are filled
graveyards are jam-packed
we have begun to listen
the songs of birds
we have begun to see
the butterflies,
we have got time to breathe
the pure air with ease
we have begun to learn
macro lessons from a micro,
we can fight well
but never will we win
unless we change.

let rivers flow unpolluted
into our hearts
as a soothing sign…

 Cover image by Raneesh P.R, Visual Editor, Indian Ruminations 


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