The Chandelier above us – Jazar Shahul, Kerala


The yellow glow of the chrome lamp,
Softened the contrast on her delicate face,
A tiny wisp of smile brought her cute dimples,
Where I longed to give a soft peck,
And I see it deepen even more shyly.

Sound of the waves crashing against the rocks,
Startled us every now and then impatiently,
Reflecting the inner tension we were trying to hide,
But it failed so much that each impact the wave made,
Inched our minds closer as we secretly wished.

Yet, we were drifting apart farther than ever,
A lightning from the sky flashed down upon us,
Breaking that fragile thread of bond we had,
Also shattering the chandelier which hung above us,
Eclipsing the beam of light on her face forever.


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