Eyes – Sanober Kahkeshan, Maharashtra


While passing through a railway station
My eyes met many eyes;
Some beautiful, some tired, some fiery,
Some fearful, some cunning, some stunning.

But the one which I met
And could never forget;
Was the eyes of a poor old woman
With tattered sari, full of wrinkles…
Unclean eyes, gazing continuously;
To a very smart young man
Their countenance resembling;
Both the eyes after a long gazing
Shortened the distance
Came much closer;
Her eyes were searching her lost child.

Eyes meeting eyes after three decades
Old, weak eyes still had the charismatic power….
Could recognize even after so many years
Salute you, Oh, the Creator
For making eyes the mediator
Between the two souls;
Dried eyes after shedding so many tears
For so many years;
Could shed now only a few tears

Was delighted to meet
eyes to eyes


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