Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Godlessness – Sujoy Bhattacharya, Mumbai


What a tragedy! I am reviled at for not believing in
the existence of God. My mother prays, with tears
of remorse in her eyes, to her god for forgiving me .
My dad deplores that god will punish me for my
insolent audacity not to believe in pagan faith .
My god-fearing friends carefully fight shy of me
as if I have been suffering from virulent
contagious disease. I saved a drowning girl in
a pond of good depth risking my life. Her theist
mom adored me as a messenger of the god she
worshipped daily. I was driven out as if I was stray
dog while I asked for a glass of drinking water
to a pious old lady. Co – incidentally I saved her
life donating my blood. Recovering from her
illness she blessed me muttering with the words
that I was a living incarnate of her god , Lord Vishnu .
I believe in the religion of humanity. I lead an honest life .
I love the nature as my kith and kin. I am always ready to
help others in distress. So called gods and goddesses
have not been dissatisfied with me for not worshipping
them ,disowning them. I am living a happy and
prosperous life. I eschew the sinful path of life .
I adore morality and humanity. As flowers spread
fragrance indiscriminately, I too love human beings
as my living god. Pagan idols appear in my dream
And regret why their worshippers are not like me –
A true human being, an unfailing worshipper of humanity .


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