It is time to sleep – Ogana D. Okpah, Nigeria


coherence-black-and-white-modern-art-lourry-legardeIs it time to sleep?

I see the spirit walking

the roads, are lamb


more or less bulled

in the faint light of

their spirit self.


the songs linger,

in short repeating souds

not old enough to fade away


grasses, they bend towards

the arch, in its grain it hibernate

making the even bed.


In between houses, in between

trees, in beween mines the crickets

sings the dong song, she spear grass


the pigeons lying besides rind leaves

who am i, mortal man, not to sleep

speared in rare shadows of my shortcomings?


The doors are closed against every rising hour

their fangs blowing the cool breeze – sea breezed.

So it is time to sleep keep your mind at peace


Many buyers who buy, are being boated

and the traders traded for this trade

stones, sleep and have a good night.



waters are hard

as hard as stones

mother said

thus, knowing well

water is life

She said life is hard

my child, times

are hard.


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