In the pursuit of You – Aparna Prabhu, Karnataka


It’s been an year since you left.
You left, leaving a trail of memories.
Following the trail, I found myself
stuck in a labyrinth.
My desperate cries remained unheard.
I stumble on the fragments of your soul,
that are scattered in all directions.

The morning dew on my cheeks,
reminds me of our first kiss.
Your smell still lingers in our room.
I can feel you in the evening breeze,
playing with my curls.
The sleeve of your shirt,
always asks me for a dance.
These things have now become
the guardians of my memories.

I look at your photo with teary eyes.
You try reaching my face to
wipe my tears.
I gaze at the night sky.
The stars have aligned to form a curve.
Maybe it’s you who is smiling at me.


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