Tuesday, August 9, 2022

She’s Gone…… – Sethulakshmi


he sat weary and lonesome,

game lost and life drained,

stink of death smothered her,

intoxicating her luscious senses.

Held close to her heart was a fist,

tightly clenched on the last pawn,

she slept on its warmth these days,

but now… all pawns lost, she whimpers…

The last pale twilight glow,

filters into her silent life,

slithering through her young softness,

Heavy dark night soon falls,

the blossom by her window drops…

Far far away… in the cold of the night,

life screeches to a halt,

on her badly mangled soft body,

hands and feet, fingers and toes,

torn, broken and bruised,

lay scattered over the mossy wild flowers,

hair strewn all over her face,

worms and flies stealthily eating her warmth.

She lay breathless and still,

with a sensuous smile that spoke,

spreading an uneasy calm.

Yet … her lustful eyes still open,

frantically searching for her abandoned, forsaken soul,

a face she left behind…

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


  1. Heavy dark night soon falls,/the blossom by her window drops…/Far far away… in the cold of the night,
    life screeches to a halt,….
    Yet … her lustful eyes still open, /frantically searching for her abandoned, forsaken soul,/a face she left behind…
    These are lines charged with pathos,capable of stirring a few bronchial nerves..Loved this poem.

  2. The poem about departure / Life….Life of a flower, a human being, any life……even at the dusk of life, it does reveal that humanity, not free from the lust to life….given a chance, it can still be frantic / selfish…good one..

  3. not allow brain to drain here to our writes, allow it from our soul, poetry is the outcome of a dreaming Far far away… in the cold of the night,

    life screeches to a halt,

    on her badly mangled soft body,

  4. When the hot ,arid , winds blow away your sanity, for a moment…….you tend to comtemplate “dying”…a deep vulnerable moment….’She’s Gone…” was born in such a lucid moment that shook the softness of my mangled body!!

    Thanks for all your comments 😉

  5. This is such a lovely poem, for it evoked thoughts of deep solitude as if I were an orphan. But try as I might, I am not able to understand the base of the poem. Is the poem describing the physical (and metaphorical) death of a young lady, who may be symbolising innocence? I hope the author dilates on the inspiration behind the poem.

  6. Hi Mr.Sudharakaran Jampala…
    .. Thankyou for your appreciation….. I personally believe in the “stream of consciousness” technique and does’nt stick to any rigid or proper base consciously….but in this, i do admit, I have’nt wandered much…….raked and gnawed by the fatal “crab”…… and when death snuggled into the blanket……She decided to go…….. 😉 I’ll not make it more prosaic 🙂

  7. Dear Sethulakshmi, thank you for responding back with an elucidation. There is a strange sense of heavy melancholy pervading your poem, that leaves behind a haunting psychic discomfort. I think that is your poem’s greatest appeal to its readers. Your poem clearly offers a window to the overwhelming challenges that can squelch an innocent life. Hope to read more poems from you on this site.

  8. This is a vediographic presentation of an innocent cute’s lost life as we see strewn around epicurean India.The saw a pathetic life through her temperament and reflected effectively that made me read manx times.congratulations.

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  10. Yes, a message is conveyed with beauty. Silence…… the background of all good poetry, comes natural here because of the theme. But is death an END? The river of life cant have such an abrupt end. I wish there were one more stanza……the journey beyond the abyss ! There are no “ends” in this infinite universe !

  11. Very nice, enjoyable poem. Words very correctly describe the author’s matured thoughts. Congratulations.



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